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I Feel Good When ...

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As I get older and notice more of what’s going on around me, knowing myself is becoming like a piece of a chess game. Strategically if you know who you are, what you like, what makes you feel good, and how to keep your day to day life in check, not check mate, you can play it like a game of chess.

I find that I am most comfortable when I am wearing something that flatters my body, just so I know I feel great when even walking around the house or sitting by the computer. When I get a small workout in every day I feel like I have accomplished a little more than just not having done it at all even if it lasted all of ten minutes. A bit of strength training when you can’t do cardio.

I think you have to let yourself go every now and then. I eat chocolate cake when I know the day is going to be a little slow, not every day, but it tastes amazing and you should definitely not have to rule out junk food ever in your life because it’s just too good. I tend to not give myself too much of a schedule so there is usually room to improvise with day-to-day tasks. I know this is something I won’t be able to do later in life but as an unmarried, simple living girl, I can appreciate it in the moment.

I feel good when my life feels balanced and I do a few things for myself every day, others, and relieve some of the anxiety inducing tasks that we have no control of, if we want things to stay in order. So paying attention to out strengths and weaknesses, who we are, and how we react to life around us, will ultimately give you power over yourself and keep you in line on your day-to-day comfort of living.


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