I Finally Got a Tee-Shirt to Sleep In

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He is my new love. Like a breath of fresh air. He came into my life the morning of Independence Day 2011. About nine a.m. to be exact. We exchanged numbers and I would have never guessed three months later I would be in love with a good, kind-hearted man who loves me and is not ashamed to say how much he loves me. I call him Robbie. He is a builder, he plays softball, and he loves with all he has.

I have never experienced this kind of love. He holds me all night, he does not snore, he cooks for us, cleans his own mess when he cooks, he listens and responds, he has me at my best.

My last relationship was a mess and at the end of that relationship I had lost all hope of ever finding the right kind of love for me. I wanted to end my life because of the emotional abuse. I ended it and when I did it felt like a big weight was lifted off of me. In the middle of all the mess going on in that last relationship, I prayed to God to get me out of it because it was torture and abusive. I mustered up the nerve with God by my side and I told him I didn’t want the relationship anymore.

Three weeks of being single and sad. I bump into Robbie and he is the best. He is my new love. I changed my status on Facebook finally and I am now glad to say I am in a relationship with a man who wants to marry me. He loves my children and my children love him. It all feels so damn good!

Today he gave me three of his softball tee-shirts with my favorite cologne on it that he wears. I finally can say it feels like when I saw the old shows when the guy gave his varsity letter jacket to his girlfriend. It feels good. I have his tee-shirts to sleep in and they smell so good. I love this man and he loves me (the wedding date is set for July 23, 2013). This love is right. This love is good for my mind, body, spirit, and soul. This is what I call the good love, my new love.


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