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I Had to See It to Believe It

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I was excited beyond words the morning my friend Jean and I left Mississippi to make the 600-mile trip to get to my daughter, Kimberly, and son-in-law, Ronald’s home. Kimberly had been praying for God to make a way for me to make the trip. God had brought a long time friend back into my life that could drive and she was more than willing for the two of us to go on a mini-vacation.

It would be my first visit since Kimberly’s marriage to Ronald Childress. They had both ministered as Evangelists but were now pastoring a new church in Gassville, Arkansas. I could tell she was experiencing new things in her faith by the things she shared with me; things that seemed too good to be true. Obviously, things I had never seen.

The moment we walked into the house I knew things were different. There was a peace I didn’t quite understand. They were just getting ready to start a two week Tent Revival. Even though things were busy, the peace I felt remained in spite of their somewhat hectic schedule.

The extremely hot weather and the long ride from Mississippi made my arthritis hurt in every bone I had. Jean was in just as much pain. I wondered how we would make it trying to sit on metal folding chairs for the two to three hour service that was ahead of us. My feet were already swollen.

The whole service was an experience I’ll never forget. Ronald led the group in prayer; a prayer that I was sure reached Heaven, if prayers reached Heaven. Then he, Kimberly, and the other people that sang with their group brought the crowd to life with a music that made you feel alive.

He brought out a stand where he put his Bible and had us turn to the Scriptures with him. As I watched and listened to the truth he shared I found the words he was speaking touched a part of my heart that really needed touching. At the end of the service, he took out a bottle of what he called anointing oil and Kimberly joined him as he began to pray for different people in the congregation.

The more I watched and the more I found myself feeling a sense of excitement. Then he asked me to come to the front so he could pray for me. Everything I had hurt as I stood before him. He anointed my head and prayed and a sensation, that was new to me, came over me. It made me feel light, like I wasn’t going to be able to continue to stand. At that moment, the pain began to get less and less. Soon I could move any part of my body that I wanted to without any pain. It was just absolutely the most incredible thing I had ever experienced.

While I was trying to grasp the fact, God had heard Ronald and Kimberly’s prayer they were teaming up and praying for Jean. I could tell from the look on her face she was getting the same kind of touch. By the time the service was ended and we pulled into their driveway we were as giddy as two school girls. We’d find ourselves saying, “Girl, is your pain still gone?” or “Has any of your pain came back?” We’d both say, “No pain,” and then the awesome reality that God had really healed us would sink in a little deeper.

Yes, God did heal me that day but the most important thing that happened was that I had seen something that totally changed the way I believed; that day I became a believer. I had seen with my own eyes my daughter and son-in-law minister under an anointing that was real. My heart nearly burst with pride the night my daughter ministered with that same spark of life in her. God is alive today. He does and can live on the inside of us and He’s able to heal people today just like He did when He was here on earth.

That summer’s visit was memorable in many ways. As we packed up to leave I knew I was leaving my daughter in good hands; God’s and her loving husband. I felt proud to call Ronald my son-in-law and God my God.


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