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I Need Answers

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This is a poem I have written for one of my troubled teens I work with. When I write like this, it’s because I’ve had a heartbreaking experience with children I love, because they long to have a normal life too.

The world looks at me differently.
And somehow makes me sad and blue.
I’m only a little girl with a troubled past
I’m not really no different than you.

If I seem not to care, it because no one seems
too care for me. I’ve been passed around so much
starting from the age of three. When I’m at school
the children tease at me and call me funny names
sometimes I just laugh it off, But truly I’m ashamed.

I ask myself, Why have I been dealt such a dirty hand?
The counselors all tell me I’m too young to know,
one day I’ll understand. Move on little girl, move on little girl
you’re standing in my way. Sorry I don’t have time to talk today
I have to earn my pay .Is what I’m often told. I just want
someone to explain to me. Why I seem tired and used. I’m
longing for the truth you see to why I wear these shoes.


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