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I Used to Believe in Destiny...

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In fate, too.

But once I connected to that powerful force, which exists within each of us … that’s when I believed in me
And what I learned from the experience was this …

By connecting to that force within us, we powerfully step into the center of our life experience and consciously become its co-creator. We step into the ‘Way” and thus, into an effortless flow of life that leads to an unshakeable belief in ourselves and what is possible.

As such, these experiences leave no room for the idea of destiny or fate to exist. At least, not how we’ve understood these concepts thus far.
Because the truth is, our definitions of these ideas are far too limited—and limiting.

Until now, they have kept us focused on what our future holds for us or worried about what is or isn’t coming into our life. They negate our ability to trust in and to live with an unwavering faith in our ability to create whatever we need to pursue our dreams.

Yet once we believe in ourselves in this new way, we soon discover that our current definition of destiny no longer fits.

Instead, it challenges and changes the very question we used to ask of life. Rather than concern ourselves with what our future will be, we begin to ask ourselves what we want to create and what we want to experience instead.

Next, we live the answers to our questions.

As a result, we experience how the mere act of naming and owning our dream reveals the path, as it also attracts the unlimited support that carries us towards living it fully.

We also begin to understand how there was and is never any need for fear or doubt when stepping into a bigger vision for our lives.

We begin to realize, too, that while believing in ourselves precedes success, it’s our connection to the powerful force within, which ultimately precedes everything.

Thus, it’s discovering this powerful force within, connecting to it and creating without any notion of limit that is the true definition of destiny.

Because the truth is, we were always meant to find this source—and then use it to manifest our deepest dreams.

Whether we do so, however, is ultimately our choice.


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