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“Oh the humanity!” she cried, as she sat and watched a group of young women step out onto the platform. Ranging in ages from 16–25, these women looked as if they had just been rescued from a Cambodian prison camp. Pale and emaciated they strut across the stage, smiling and waving to the audience. These weren’t prison camp survivors; these women had endured something far worse. They had withstood society’s concept of what is acceptable and what is beautiful, they were models.
Models of our society. Our society that considers grossly underweight women attractive. Yet this same society that frowns on third world nations, whose people suffer from starvation. We send them food and relief supplies, “Eat” we say, because lord knows they are too thin. But when we have people right here in our own country who look just as emaciated, we worship them as idols. We do everything for them. We put them on television and awe at their figures. Prance them around on catwalks, and make beautiful clothes that fit only them. And we tell every other woman in this country that they have to be just like them to be loved and adored.
And because of our society’s vision of an ideal woman, this has skewed men’s conception of what is beautiful. Men drool over these emaciated beasts. Women who make themselves up in the most decadent of clothing, scaring themselves with surgery to maintain that ideal figure. Surgery to remove fat cells, enhance bust lines, and lift sagging derrière’s. All for the sake of holding on to that “ideal”. Therefore the rest of the women in this country, women who unfortunately were born with parents who fed them and loved them and refused to let them get liposuction when they were twelve. Women who fight with the bathroom scale every day of their lives and curse their parents for providing them with a metabolism that just cant keep up with the “ideal.” Women who work hard every day at counting every calorie and fat gram that enters their body. Women who will go to extremes to attain that ever distant “ideal,” bingeing and purging, or even staving themselves to death. Women who take everything they have, go into debt, and sell their souls to the devil just to be accepted as one of our society’s beautiful people.
It’s sad. It’s sad that there are thousands of women doing this very thing every day. It’s sad that society accepts this as normality, even encourages it. Clothing designers have even given up on these women, “who cares about those fat chicks,” you might hear them say. They have the “ideal” to make clothes for.

So where does that leave the rest of us? Us women who are too short, too fat, and just not proportioned right? Where does that leave us? We are still beautiful women. We are masters of our lives. We have mastered careers, marriages, families, even in-laws. We make time in between working, dropping off the dry cleaning, picking up the kids, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and paying the bills, to work out. We make time to work out a minimum of thirty minutes a day, because that’s what they say will keep us healthy and fit. But why is it that we are still a nation of overweight people? Can a whole nation not be accepted as they are? Is it our fault that society frowns on a fat person? Why is it that if being overweight is such a horrible thing, then society, government does nothing to change that? Why is it that when you do attempt a healthy lifestyle, eating right, and exercise, that you go into a financial crisis yourself? Why is it the healthier foods cost more than the ones that are unhealthy? So I guess you have to be rich before you can be thin. That must be why you can eat a frozen burrito loaded with fat grams for less than one dollar. But if you want a healthy low fat entree it will cost you nearly three times as much. So now that’s two strikes against us. Not only are we fat, but we are poor too. That’s depressing. And isn’t it depression that drives us to stuff our face with French fries and ice cream?

I think if this nation wants to help its citizens to gain control of their lives and their waistlines, then this society’s “ideal” must change. When I was young society’s “ideal” was an attractive woman with a nice figure. Voluptuous you could say in comparison to what that “ideal” is today. This attractive woman has wasted away around 40–50 pounds, and has gotten taller over the past fifteen years. That’s quite an accomplishment. What is her secret? A yearly facelift and liposculpt? Who cares about the cost as long as she looks good. The thinner the better.
I want to thank our society for doing such a fine job at brainwashing the American public. They show us skinny young women and men consuming mass quantities of fast food products on TV. Every day. And we think, “Oh they are eating that burrito, and look, they are still thin. Then it must be ok to eat that cause I won’t gain any weight!”  But guess what, what they don’t show you on that commercial was the spitting out of that hamburger or burrito when the camera is turned off. Because lord knows if those young actors gained so much as an ounce, they could be out of a job.

Advertisers cant show us the truth, heavens no. Who would want to see an obese person stuffing a hamburger in their mouth? That would seem unappealing to most people. And that would mean hamburger sales would drop. No, that can’t happen.

And clothing designers cannot start making clothes with a little extra room in the hip area to accommodate some of the larger sizes out there. I mean who wants to see a fat person strutting down the catwalk in the latest design from New York. No, that cant happen.

Why? Because it might be accepted. What if people said, “Oh she’s big and she’s beautiful. And look at that man eating that hamburger, he looks happy and content. That must be a good hamburger.” We wouldn’t want that to happen.

What would happen if those frozen burritos that used to be less than a dollar, now cost $9.99. And that low fat entree and salad bar now was only $1.00. Maybe there would be fewer people eating that high fat unhealthy food. Maybe the food producers would stop making unhealthy food and start making more of the healthier foods. No, that couldn’t happen.

Why? Because everyone would be happier and this society wouldn’t be so judgmental and cruel anymore. We would learn to accept people for who they are, not what they look like. And why would we want that to happen?


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