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If I Knew Then What I Know Now

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It’s really interesting—as you get older, you begin to question your values and the whole ethos of “putting something back,” whether it is to the community, or just in the melting pot.

I found in my twenties and thirties it was practically unheard of to have a mentor. By the time I was in my forties, I had the superficial trappings of success in a work environment and would have loved to have someone to talk through my business and personal strategies. People assumed because of my role (MD) that I had all the answers. There was often the feeling of “winging it.”

I really had to evaluate what the important things to me were, and when I did so, I found some interesting, if not unconventional answers.

Our Western culture indoctrinates us to believe that money, wealth, success, ego, etc. are the most important things. We learn this from an early age. We are encouraged to succeed, but with little thought for what makes us truly happy. I call it the “hamster wheel” syndrome: we go to school, maybe college, find a partner (because we all know at that stage only a man can make you truly happy!), settle down, have kids, get a mortgage, go to work, juggle … and then what?

We come to a startling realization—is this all there is? Or even worse, who am I? Someone’s wife (or ex-wife by now)? Someone’s mother? Someone’s employee? But who am I really?

That’s when the questions begin. And how great to have a supportive network of women who won’t judge or criticize, but offer constructive, positive help gained from experience. We grow as individuals when we take time to help each other.

In a network like this, there is no need for worrying about competition in the work place. (What a waste of time that was!) We have built up individual and unique skills of life and are happy to share them. Sometimes it’s just the simple pleasure of helping someone along the way. I’m a great believer in what goes around, comes around.

After a successful career as Managing Director within a fashion recruitment company giving people the opportunity to work globally for over twenty years, I left the commercial world in 2005, specifically to concentrate on my spiritual work. (I have been clairaudient since the age of twelve.) It took me six months to extricate myself from my job, but I felt that the dye was cast, I believe that I simply had no choice other to work with spirit. I have never been happier, although my life now could not be more different.

My clients seem to be surprised that I have a business head, work with spirit, but am not in the least bit, “Hey man, wow.” I work through Auragraphs, Psychic readings, Tarot, psychometry, meditations, visualizations, and healing on a one-to-one and group basis. I also teach weekly psychic development, meditation classes, and holistic life coaching. It was always my dream to have a home which I could use as a bespoke B&B for stressed out women to recharge their batteries and get back on track in the form of a holistic sabbatical with a little luxury thrown in. My affirmations have manifested!


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