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If Today Was the Day

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If today was the glorious day,
that Jesus came and called us home.
Would you go to Heaven with us,
or would you be left behind all alone.

The final answer to this question
depends on you and the choices you make.
These choices are so very important,
because you eternal life is at stake.

You simply have to accept our Lord as your savior,
follow his commandments and all will be well.
Or you can choose to believe in the worldly things
and your soul will surly spend eternity in Hell.

So, you make your choice before it is too late.
Will it be our Savior and his salvation plan,
or Satan and his cheap worldly ways.
Make the right choice now while you still can.

“I am come a light into the world that
whosoever believeth on me should not
abide in darkness.”
(John 12:46)


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