I'm Taking You To The Gun Show!

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And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Don’t worry. I’m not going to break into a choreographed music number (although Fame was one of my favorite television shows).

As I’ve started to frequent the gym, I can tell which people are committed to there workout regimen. Most women are running on the treadmill as if their life depends on it and there is usually a couple of guys standing in front of a mirror lifting weights. I’ve even heard some of them jokingly boast as they show off their “guns” aka muscles. I’m a class person myself. I find it easier to be part of a structured timeframe, rather than leaving it up to me to decide when I’ll work out. When I first started going, I was out of shape. Just completing the class and not leaving on a stretcher was a huge accomplishment. I would go home and vent to my husband about how hard my workout was. I would snarl about all the fit people that was there. I mean, how dare they congregate at the gym!!! I would come home day after day complaining about the fit girls that not only completed the class, but seemed to do so – effortlessly. After each barking session, I remember hearing my husband say in his non-emotional way – JUST KEEP GOING. I would think to myself, That’s It?! Just keep going? Monday, after kickboxing, I would come home sweaty and sore, whining like a baby. My husband’s response: KEEP GOING. Wednesday, after step aerobics, I would come home exhausted and achy. His response: KEEP GOING. After a couple weeks, I started to notice I was more coordinated, and able to complete the class (still out of breath – but definitely not on a stretcher). With each passing day I got stronger. The 60 minutes in class went from feeling like an eternity to a New York minute. I began to look forward to my workouts. My skewed perspective of what it takes to get in shape was slowly coming into focus. I began viewing this time not as punishment but as a gift that allowed me to be selfish and concentrate solely on me. Before long, I was up early, pushing everyone out the door making sure I arrived in enough time to secure a spot in class. I found myself saying, KEEP GOING.

As I continue to move further along on this journey of physical fitness, I look back at where I started. I have come a long way! This situation has taught me a lot about what it takes to be my best self and life in general. I am teaching myself to be consistent – or in my husband’s no-fuss tone, to KEEP GOING. I’ve been known to sit on the sidelines – too intimidated to get in the game. The daunting task of hard work often prevents me from engaging in something that may cause short-term pain even if it has a promise of long-term reward. I am learning that for some, being consistent and tenacious is embedded as part of their genetic makeup. However, for me, it’s more of an acquired skill. Much like my physical workout, it has improved only through repetition. Understanding this concept has switched me from playing defense to running offense. Instead of waiting to react. I’m repetitiously taking on opportunities that (with every attempt) are strengthening my character. That’s not to say I don’t have soreness, aches or pains along the way. However, what seemed insurmountable is now becoming part of my lifestyle – physically and mentally.

So…step aside as I strike a pose of confidence (standing erect, with my head up and chest out). Look closely at my muscles. Can’t you see them bulging? What? Nooo!!! Not my biceps, triceps and abs. My muscles of consistency, tenacity and persistence. BAM! PING! POW! Listen to that ammo!

As a well conditioned bodybuilder would say while referring to his muscles:

I’m taking you to the gun show!!!!!


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