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Increasing Your Intelligence

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Dream translation according to the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung provides you with trustful information. I simplified his complicated method of dream interpretation. Thanks to my simplification you immediately understand the meaning of your dreams, by instantly translating dream images into words that make sense to your conscious mind.

It is true that you can have information about the future, about other people, and about all your psychological problems by interpreting dreams. The psychological advice of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is safe and must be respected. The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams proves God’s existence and many other unexplained phenomena at the same time.

This is why the psychological advice of the unconscious mind in your dreams surely helps you become a balanced and self-confident person. The unconscious guidance gives you clues in your research when you look for answers, increasing your intelligence. You also learn how to eliminate the absurd violent tendencies you have inherited in the wild side of your conscience (anti-conscience). This is how you become a balanced person who is never controlled by anger.

Your dreams reflect many scenes that belong to your past. You understand that you are still imitating a bad or inappropriate behavior you used to have when you were younger. Then, the unconscious mind shows you how to evolve and become a mature person who never makes mistakes.

When you make silly mistakes you cannot forgive yourself. Or, you attempt to justify these mistakes with lies, without having the courage to admit you were wrong. These attempts make you feel worse, and everyone around you understands that you are trying to justify a mistake because you cannot admit the truth. You must learn how to always control your behavior, so that you may avoid difficult situations. You’ll no longer do what could cause future regret.

You’ll stop acting before understanding what you are doing. You’ll do only what will have positive results and will make you feel satisfied with yourself. This is the biggest relief you can have in life.

Did you know that mentally ill individuals are constantly tortured by their sad memories? They cannot forgive themselves for the mistakes they have made. This is why many of them come to the point of committing suicide.

Once you have control of your own behavior you’ll be a privileged individual. The advantages you have when you control your behavior are so many that they cannot be listed in a simple article. You’ll never become a victim of your wild side, or a victim of our cruel world.

When you learn the dream language, you have advantages in all fields. You learn many things which you cannot even imagine at this point in your life. You will become so intelligent that one could classify you as a genius.

This is why you will be able to aspire to the level of the ancient Greek philosophers, who were mathematics and artists at the same time. You won’t concentrate your attention only on the matters you usually care about. Your mind will open. You’ll desire to learn everything that belongs to your environment with great curiosity.  


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