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Inner Beauty: Pensive Wonderings of a Teen

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Okay, so for years I’ve kinda understood the concept of inner beauty and the phrase, “Beauty is only skin deep,” meaning that beauty is how beautiful one’s personality is. Like I’ve said, you can be a tall glass of water and my, am I parched, but then if you turn around and be a douche bag with a personality of a wet mop then you’re just as attractive as Gaston. (Ha, sorry—ex boyfriend reference.) 

Personality is what makes a person beautiful. Then today I was thinking and you know how people say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, what if a certain person actually likes the whole I’m-A-Doosh personality (yeah, there are people like that), then what does that say about inner beauty? It sorta contradicts it in some ways. 

Then it got me thinking, yeah inner beauty is suppose to be metaphorical but I started to think about my standards. Inner beauty? As in like a cute spleen? Hah, I do admit looks do matter to some extent. That’s just natural human selection. If you see a super tan, ripped guy running without his shirt on you’re gonna like break your neck looking and maybe if you have the courage try to “holla” at him. but if you see an overweight guy trying to lose weight to look like the super stud you’re going to at all costs look away and act like you saw nothing. That’s kinda messed up ha ha.

Hmm … I’ve just been pensive lately about a lot of things. Just posting my thoughts. So, a penny for yours please. (Where the hell did that phrase come from anyway and and why do they say a penny of your thoughts but never ask for your two cents?)

Googles it …

“The phrase originates in the first days of the postal service when a penny for your thought would be enough to carry that thought, appropriately scribed onto lightweight parchment, to a recipient.”

Supposedly “putting your two cents in” is an American idiomatic expression that originated from Britain. Putting two cents or tuppence is like cheap therefore that opinion is cheap. So, ha ha, if that’s the case maybe I should be offended when someone says a penny for your thoughts to me in which they’re really saying my thoughts are cheaper their two cents? Ha over analyzing.


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