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Inside Out

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There has never been a moment in my life that has surprised me. Yet there has been a time where I have been intrigued with intensity. This is one of those times.

With due discussion on religion, I recently had a friend who prayed in front of me. It was interesting as a soul to see with eyes wide open the process of a believer’s faith. It was heartfelt in stature, meaningful in demeanor, and strikingly obvious what it meant to this person. A person of integrity, and an individual with true thought.

Now, I had to rethink what prayer is. It is not the act in general I believe that pursues the interest of religion. It is the belief system uncompromised to the individual who prays in silence. The culture, technique, or belief is so embedded within this process it is tingly in nature to observe. I do not believe there are words that can truly explain the person, process, or prayer in that moment.

I wonder if more people prayed for other things in this life, how it would change the world we live in? It is not a scientific matter, yet a spiritual one. If we all took the time to sit in silence and pray for our neighbor, maybe there wouldn’t be scientific results. Yet a plausible miraculous worldwide understanding of each other.

This would be my wish for the perfect prayer in us all. 


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