Inspired Decision Making

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In today’s world, anything is possible. Yep. Anything. You can be anything you want and you can do anything you can imagine.

Let that reverberate for a moment. Anything. Like space, it can go on forever into the distance. I know I can feel lost in it at times.

Since there are about a jillion options out there—for career, relationship, life path, what to do on your Saturday night, how do you decide what’s right for you?

Here’s a six-step starter process designed to get you into action around your big decision.

Name your decision. What do you need to make a choice about?

What do you really want?
Deep down, big picture, what do you want? Be real with yourself. This is huge. This is bigger than the thing you're deciding on; it's about your whole life. Notice what you really want, and save it for step six.

What are you willing to do to get whatever it is you’re deciding on?
Are you willing to make a phone call? What about fly across the country? Are you willing to simply ask for it? Are you willing to ask for help? Make a list of all the things you are willing to do for your dream.

What will you 100 percent not do?
Some things are too much—what are you unwilling to do? Write down that list too. It’s helpful to see what you will and won’t do in pursuit of your dream. That helps you make a more empowered, clear choice around it.

What is at stake?
What will happen if you don’t go after this? What do you have to lose? Get really clear on what the stakes are—both for going after it, and not.

Where does this fit in with your big what from the first question?
How does this further you towards your big picture want for your life? Or does it move you farther away. How does this particular thing fit into the bigger picture of your life?

And, for a bonus step:


It’s probably already yours, you just have to claim it. So go get it. Whatever it is. Do what it takes, go the distance, don’t let yourself down. You got this, I know it.


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