Intro to Here and My Experience

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My name is Jessica and I’m twenty-six. I still live with my parents and fraternal twin sister in Metro, New York, on the New Jersey side of it. I was born with a neurologically based speech impairment/apraxia-dysarthria. I’ve been suffering from depression/anxiety since 2001. Currently, I’m a clerical volunteer in the maternity department at the local hospital and still looking for the permanent part time clerical job.

I can’t stand the way people treat me and the others whom are like me. This has been going ever since I first started posting on online forums. Yup, don’t really have kids at the moment or a boyfriend/fiance/husband as well, but hopefully in the future they will come. Basically, what draws me to these forums is one of my interests and passions basically ever since I can remember. Do understand were I am coming from on this.  Hope this helps you understand me or others whom are like me.

Disclaimer: I’m just a student of life and not yet a girlfriend, fiance, wife, or mother. I have done a whole lot of learning and researching already and am likely continue on with it after this.



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