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It’s rare indeed,
         to come across an individual, who is fully in touch with their intuition.

As a man, I believe women, are far more in touch with their intuition than men.

Intuition is the most primal of our instincts, when it comes to "the human animal", and to truly become aware of our own personal instincts, is to really begin to tap into "life" itself.

When one is detached from their, intuition, or, instinct, they become lost, and begin to meander through life aimlessly, without a self-awareness of their purpose!

Our instincts/intuitions are there for a reason …

They are there, to put us in touch with our true power …

To trust them, puts us on the path, of realizing all that we were meant to be.

Without that trust, it will be otherwise impossible.

The rest of the animal kingdom relies on their instincts just for survival.

But most humans don’t even know, or have a sense of what their instincts really are … trust them!


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