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Intuition in Business (Part 4)

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An Expert Intuitive Looks at Future Trends 

Part 4: The Blurring of Boundaries

I spoke in the last article about the integration of opposites, and the merging of our work and personal lives. There are several other areas where integration is occurring.

Left vs. Right Brain; Male vs. Female Energy
Another blurring boundary is that between the left and right brain, between the linear, analytical, logical, scientific, objective way of doing things and the holistic, intuitive, artistic, subjective way of working. Problems in business can no longer be solved through logic alone. Logic only sees the tip of the iceberg, and today we’re being forced to look farther, into the intangible forces that pattern the manifestation of results and dictate success, more surely than will power ever can. Where in the past, business survived on sports and military models and motivation, now more importance is being given to the interpersonal realm and ideas like quality not quantity, mutual inclusiveness, the interrelatedness and interdependence of all business variables (including considerations such as people, society, and the environment). Now we must have both logic and intuition to survive. Science approaches art and spirituality; intuition is becoming a science (we’re reinventing “meta-physics”).

I distinguish two phases of the creative cycle, containing: 1) male energy and 2) female energy, or yang and yin. Every person, no matter their gender, uses both male and female energy every day. The male is focused, specific, goal-oriented, captivating, dynamic. It’s about instinct, action, will, results. The female is receptive, relaxing, dissolving, connected, nurturing. It’s about being-with, presence, sustenance, wisdom, purpose, intuition. To be successful in today’s world, we must all be able to consciously use both our internal female energy and our internal male energy. The successful organization must be able to solve problems in both the internal world of the BEING and the external world of DOING, utilizing both men and women.

Us vs. Them; Haves vs. Have-nots
As the new world view settles in, we no longer have the luxury of blaming someone else for our limitations. As I said earlier, awareness of the unified field catapults us into a new consciousness of being responsible for both our own life and the whole. I can no longer discount someone else’s bad luck, or laziness, or hurtfulness to others, because it now affects me personally. I can’t do slipshod work because I am the consumer who has to use what I’ve produced. We see that the people in the world who bother us are occurring in our life because they mirror something we’re resisting in our own makeup. They are symbols of a disowned part of our totality. Every employee who was “fortunate enough” to keep his or her job after a massive layoff, and who now must do five times the amount of work, knows the flip side of the same discomfort the laid off employees feel. There are no winners or losers any more. Everyone wins and everyone loses when anyone wins or loses.

In business, this new perspective will have an effect on the basic structure of the corporation. Upper management will increasingly involve lower echelon people in decision-making and actual ownership of the company. The lower level people, who are used to being victims, will soon take on more confidence and leadership roles and some may rise suddenly to positions of increased power, without climbing the hierarchical ladder. Upper level managers will need renewed personal, physical involvement with their company. They may actually time-share some labor tasks. No one will be able to say, “They’re the reason we’re not succeeding.” Management and labor will come to a new understanding. If I become aware that YOU are a reflection of ME, then I realize that THEM is a reflection of US.

Behaviors based on blame and jealousy will diminish. Demanding retribution is a ridiculous act when I realize my outside world has aligned obediently with my own internal (and hereto unconscious) negative values. Being jealous of people who have higher position or greater resources than I do is also a waste of time. If I want more responsibility and creative challenge, I can have it by choosing it. Hoarding information or assets only causes me to be blocked when I realize that knowledge, energy, and action are immediately available, free, and limitless. Manipulating circumstances in underhanded, illegal, secret ways doesn’t work either.

The boundary between private life and public life is blurring. Those skeletons in the closet in private life are mysteriously surfacing in public awareness. In fact, we’re getting so used to the idea that there can’t be secrets anymore, we’re on the verge of being bored by scandals! Soon we’ll assume it’s normal to know everything about everything. We’ll be so non-plussed with the access to knowledge we’ll just relax and let ourselves know whatever we need to know in the next moment to do our work.


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