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Invest in Your Senses

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Exactly one year ago, I made the largest purchase of my life—my home. I spent nearly two years pouring over real estate ads, attending open-houses, calculating my mortgage feasibility, and learning about HVAC systems. After what seemed like an eternity, it happened. The social media Gods (housed under the screen-name: Facebook) pointed me toward a cozy cobblestone bungalow, nestled in the heart of my Midwestern city.

I was in love. The cherry-blossom tree-lined avenue led to my new home—almost as a golden entryway for each of my comings/goings. My neighbors were friendly (but not too friendly) and the sun would rise at my front door, and fall to my back door, with each passing day.

As the months moved on following the move into my new home, “life” got busier (as it often does). My time at home grew shorter, and I was no longer there for the morning sunrise—or even the evening sunset. If I was lucky, I was there to enjoy a microwave dinner and a heaping glass of wine on a weeknight.

Between meetings, social outings, work travel, and dating, my home became my sleep-haven, rather than my rejuvenating abode, as it once was.

Tonight, I found myself with a rare occasion at hand—extra time. I concluded my meetings earlier than scheduled; thus leaving me with two hours of cherished daylight by the time my Jeep found its way down the cherry-blossom drive. I quickly changed out of my white vintage workdress, and into smooth Puma shorts and an I Heart NYC tee. I laced up my sneakers, and off I went.

The night was warm, and the smell of freshly cut grass flaunted with the aroma of newly lit charcoal on back patio grills. I heard dogs barking, and children calling for their nightly game of catch. I saw landscaping that I longed to once manicure, and lawn-ornaments that made me giggle.

I walked past neighborhood establishments and listened to deep conversation over cool Amstel Light’s. I felt a slight breeze come up, just as the sun was tucking itself under blanket-like clouds.

I said small prayers of thanks—for giving me legs to walk, ears to hear, eyes to see, a nose to smell, and a tongue to taste …

I bought my home as an investment, and as a tribute to everything that I enjoy. I vow this night to not only invest in my beautiful property, but rather, to invest in each of my senses that allow me to experience what I so dearly treasure.

As the sun rises and sets, I will no longer take for granted the moments that are offered to enjoy.


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