It’s Time to Say Thank You with Words and Actions

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Something that I have comes to know is that people don’t compliment people enough. And though they often recognize a genuine good human being, they remove themselves from criticism as they recognize. For instance, people may be chatting and someone’s name comes up. And someone will say he is a really good guy, he goes the extra mile and is always helping those in need. They say it as if to praise them which is good, but their conscious never lets the thought enter their mind that they should strive to be like that person. It’s as if people want to recognize someone for being good merely as a way to give them respect and say thank you. However they are not interested in putting in the work to being a good person themselves. People often tell me that they really appreciate the fact that they can count on me and what not, as if to say thanks for being a good person. I would rather people recognize my actions and be encouraged to be a good person as well. I don’t need positive reinforcement. I don’t act the way I do so people will like me. I act that way because it is the way I feel people should be treated. The best way to honor me or show me appreciation is for you to extend kindness to others, perpetuating the good.

I have found that many people, including myself get caught up in all the negativity of the world and sometimes take on the mindset of “why am I even trying, no one cares, I’m not even making a difference” This isn’t true and I know that because of people from my past who have thanked me for the way I treated them and made them feel. However I still get in that negative mode from time to time. All a kind, hardworking person needs to keep them going, is some reinforcement from time to time. Don’t thank them for being kind but rather for making a DIFFERENCE. I know my actions are kind; I want to know that my actions MATTER.

So, in summary: tell people when they are doing it right. Most are just nice people, they don’t realize the impact of their actions. When you let someone know that you appreciate their actions they become more aware and are more apt to do those things again. People often tell me things I did that made a difference for them. Sometimes I’m shocked what I did had an impact.

Here are some things you should let people know:

I see you working really hard to achieve this dream of yours and I don’t want you to give up. Despite all your obstacles, you continue to be a kind person and a hard worker.

You look pretty today.

Man, that’s a great sweater you are wearing.

You are really gifted with math.

On top of all you do, you are a really great mother. Your kids are very lucky. I notice the little things you do for others like holding doors, staying late to help clean up, engaging conversation with new people to make them feel comfortable, etc. I thank you for that and I want you to know that though it may seem like others don’t take notice, I do. Keep it up; you are making the world a better place.

Every time I come in here for lunch you have the biggest smile on your face and are always checking with me to make sure my mealtime is enjoyable. Thank you.

You smell great (I get this one a lot, and it puts a pep in my step for the day).


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