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Is It Karma or Luck in Your Life?

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I’ve been thinking about luck and Karma lately. Wondering if some people luckier than the next person. How do they appear to always be in the right place at the right time? Me, I pick the longest lines and usually get the grumpiest people.

Then I have to challenge myself so I don’t read them the riot act and embarrass myself and whoever is with me. I’ve been known to ask the cantankerous person, “Do you work here as you certainly can’t be paid to have such a lousy attitude? I’m assuming you’re a volunteer.” If you’re paid to be here, I suggest you adjust your attitude, as I doubt your management wants you giving paying customers your bad attitude. And I’m not kidding if my daughter or grandchildren are with me and they see a nasty sales clerk they run as they know what’s coming. It can get pretty embarrassing … and at that point I’m so aggravated I’m loaded for bear … and I don’t care. So has this happened to you? Do you find yourself irritated because you know when you’re working you have to be polite, why when it’s your turn do you encounter these miserable people. Can’t they keep it home and just do their job?

Therefore I’ll ask again, what is it Karma or luck? The meaning of Karma is destiny, chance, fate, providence, and fortune. Luck is chance, success, fate, and destiny. Which do you have? Or as the best selling book The Secret tells us, it’s the law of attraction and what you are thinking is what you get. So if you’re grumpy inside, you’ll get the miserable sales clerk. If you buy a lottery ticket and don’t think you’ll ever win a dollar, you won’t. Is it attitude and could the book be right? Or is it the luck of the draw? I wonder …

Because I’m in sales and sometimes it seems like I can’t do anything right no matter how good I believe the product is; I constantly attempt to keep my outlook upbeat. While as we all know we’re dying inside wondering what tarnished horseshoe is hovering over our heads. Back to the law of attraction or is it just plain luck or karma? I’m not sure, any ideas? I just know I have the book close and when things are awful I read it again and try to feel more positive about my life. For instance, I always hope to win the lottery so I decided I’m going too. I purchase a few tickets a week. Then when I go to sleep I think of what I’ll do when I win. The book says visualize as though it’s already happened and I should act as though it has. Therefore I think of all the great things I’ll do for my family and everything I’d like to have. So far, I’m still waiting however, my time with Karma and luck is close, I can feel it.

My first purchase—a family vacation …

We’ll have fun and I’ll share the photos and experience. Now all I have to do is win that lottery and Disney here we come … everyone brothers, sister, their kids and ours. It’ll be quite a party. The winnings need to be in the millions. All I have to do is find my Karma. Do you know where it is?

My best,
Dorothy from grammology


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