Is it Really Possible to Steal Someone’s Inner Soul?

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I believe yes, it is. You once started out as a whole innocent brilliant human being brought into the world. You could be and do anything you wanted. The path you lead is the one you were led, unless of course you stray. If someone along the way should come into your life unexpectedly and seduces your most vulnerable, deepest and personal being to make the two of you one and then only to be absorbed of all your vitals for survival, all you have left are the motions to go through life. Where do you get happiness from if you can’t and won’t allow it through the two halves of the broken heart to make whole again? Possibly an IV (one night stand) might be a quick fix only for a sudden low and drained to pick yourself up again. Day in and Day out trying to figure a way out of the mess you think you got yourself into when really you were put in. 

The ultimate blow to numb the soul is for any human being out there to see, hear or really want to help you with a hand up, not hand out.

Meantime that “someone” for an unknown period of time has the high of your spirit and gloats, brags, and benefits day in and day out while you watch helplessly. The ironic part is, I haven’t given up hope yet to regain my soul whether it be whole or in pieces as long as it is all mine again. And yet, as much as I want it back and as wrong as he was, when the time comes for it to be taken from him, my heart will go out to him and I still feel his pain. 

Maybe this is why I believe your soul must answer to the good Lord and believe. As much as I want to give up, I pray and I know he has a plan for and this is for a reason – as hard as it is to understand why.

What most people don’t understand; God answers your prayers almost instantly, only we don’t like the answer we get sometimes. If his answer is yes, then we believe in the good Lord. If it is no, we get angry. No need to pray “harder” if you are spiritual, what more can you and the good Lord ask for?


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