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It Starts from Within

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Why is yoga so important? Yoga gives you flexibility, balance and a great core workout, but the most important thing about yoga cannot be felt by touching your new found bicep, the real benefit of yoga is to go within.

For those of you out there who think this isn’t for you, and it sounds a little too spiritual or crazy that is perfectly fine we are all entitled to our preferences. However, if you choose not to use yoga to go within, you must choose something else. If you don’t take the time to ask your body what it wants, what it likes, what it deeply desires, how can you expect it to give you what you think you want?

You think you want to lose weight. Why? Why do you want to lose weight? Maybe you think you will be more attractive, happier, more successful, or even less stressed. Maybe you believe that weight loss is the ticket into the life you can’t quite grasp, well I have got news for you, it’s not. You will lose the weight and still feel empty if you don’t take the time to go within.

This week is the week that you ask your body what it wants. This week you do only what it deeply desires. This week you tell your mind chatter to shut up and you ask your body to speak louder. This week it can change, you can agree to change, you have the freedom to change. I have said it many times before, the only person stopping you from losing weight is you. Not because you are too lazy, too weak, too pathetic, because you are stepping up for the challenge and then allowing your mind chatter to convince you that you aren’t worthy. Not anymore. This week you are more worthy than ever before. As soon as you become clear as to what you want, go ahead and grab it, if you can dream it, it’s already at your fingertips.

Namaste. (“The divine in me recognizes the divine in you and acknowledges we are the same.”)


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