It's Not From the Mind, It's From the Heart

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Since I was a little girl, I've loved to write. It all started every time my dad scolded me for a mistake I did. I am not allowed to talk back to them since they are my parents, I just have to keep my mouth shut and listen and follow instructions, abide with the house rules, and just simply obey everything that my dad says! So in the process, I started to express my feelings of resentment and hurt in writing. I begin to write every time i felt sad, not just when I'm being reprimanded but in times when something not nice happening to me—maybe in school, at home and in my personal life. I ran to the haven of the four corners of my room with my pen and paper and began to write and express my emotional state of depression.

Since then, it has become my passion to write when I feel sad and alone, depressed and hopeless, hurt and lost. It's the only feeling known to me to make me write. Might be surprising, but I can only express much and write if I feel that way. Many ask me and wonder when they read my stories, they see power in my words because it's like you are having a part of me inside your heart cause at that very moment when you are reading my stories, you are feeling the emotional state that I am in, the time I wrote that certain article.

So to those who follow me, might be wondering why Katella Bliss write-ups and articles are most likely emotional and mellow sentimental and drama, but it's reality, it never was a product of my imagination nor I wasn't thinking what to write but rather I write what I feel. It all comes from my very heart and deep from my soul, what you read is what I was feeling then. And I hope my articles might in some way somehow inspire you in life.

Sometimes the pain and heartache we had in life are the ones that keeps us moving on. I'm one of those who survived from it, cause after all the pains and heartaches I had in life, I'm still here standing still, fighting against all the adversities of life.


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