Job Hunting at Sixty

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It was the last part of my workday. I opened up my laptop and began responding to a multitude of emails. I work in sales and had just finished presenting product ideas to a client. Within my line of work I visit mainly restaurants and food service facilities. This particular restaurant has a beautiful bar that allows me to look at the marina while I do my best to combat perplexing emails.

After finishing my third email, I noticed the cocktail waitress set up twelve place settings on one large table. I began typing faster. I didn’t want to be anywhere near drunk twenty-somethings who had just finished clocking out from techy jobs. Just as 5 p.m. arrived, so too did the party of twelve. A group of sixty-something females. Dressed as if they were expecting snow, the ladies quickly sat and grabbed the bar menus.

After “oohing” and “ahhing” at the fruity bar drinks, the ladies asked the waitress (what seemed to be) a hundred questions. “Does this have sugar?” “Is this made with real pineapples?” After the waitress had been thoroughly interrogated, she immediately brought an assortment of hard liquor to the table. Once the alcohol was placed upon the table, gossip time commenced. I learned that Jackie was getting “another” divorce, and Francine was going on “another” cruise.

I began to finish my Microsoft Outlook duties faster. The Happy Hour hen-pecking was not how I wanted to end my Friday. While sending my last email, one of the Golden Girls presented a question. “Nancy, are you still looking for a job?” I tried not to make eye contact with Nancy, whomever that grey haired boozer might be. But I couldn’t resist. I acted as if I was stretching my neck (so at least I tried not to be obvious!). Once positioned in a side twist, I saw a pretty blonde who had just placed an olive in her mouth. She then grabbed her Martini and downed the liquid courage.

Choosing to keep her focus on the now empty glass, Nancy responded. “Yes. I revised my resume. Must of printed out a dozen copies. I have interviews next week.”  As I began the “Shut Down” process on my laptop, I began questioning my retirement plan. While my 401 exists, I figured I should start applying now for food stamps. I know only a handful of people who have been able to “comfortably” retire. It is as an issue that most of my peers simply don’t want to consider. Maybe it is because we are below forty. Maybe it is because living paycheck to paycheck is difficult enough to cope with. Whatever the reason, I was just slapped in the face by reality. Upon exiting the bar, I took a deep breath and wondered if I could purchase lotto tickets with food stamps.


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