The Joy of Knowing My Dad’s in Heaven

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One day several years ago my Dad was visiting me from Houston Ms. We were out running errands and enjoying the day. Suddenly, unexpectedly we ran over a little dog. To my surprise and grief, I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer, “God please let that dog be dead.”  My Dad asked me, why in the world did I do that? The little dog was surely already dead. I explained that I didn’t know that. I thought we had hit it. He was still baffled at the prayer. I explained that I couldn’t bare the thought of the little dog getting hit again and being in pain. So I asked God to please let it be dead to avoid any more pain. The thought of it just hurt me to deeply. That was with me assuming it was still alive.

Daddy knew it had been ran over many times. Thinking that this would never be brought up again, life went on. Two years had past and on Easter Sunday me and my Husband took our kids to Houston to visit my Dad and step-mother. Daddy asks me to go on a little errand with him for a few minutes. Said he wanted to show me something. We went for a drive up through some hills and backwoods, saw some deer and stopped on a hilltop over looking a beautiful big lake. He sat quietly, looking at the clouds. Then he turned and looked at me. He asked me if I would teach him how to pray? He said that for two years he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about how I could pray so easily to God about a little dog. And how my face seemed to light up when I spoke about praying. He said that he brought me to this place to talk because it was beautiful and the closes place he new to God.

All I could do was smile at him and tell him that he just did pray. That by him reaching out and asking God to come into his life, that is all God wants him to really do. That he just needs to look to the heavens and speak to our Lord. He’s right there waiting and has been all along. Daddy started crying and bowed his head in prayer. Several months later my Daddy passed away. I know for sure that he went to Heaven because I was lying beside him all night and the last thing that he did was raise up and say, “Jesus Sweet Jesus.”


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