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Just Being Me

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It is 2:30 in the afternoon. I have just finished wiping clean the kitchen cabinets. I have made myself a cup of tea and I am planning to read a book with it. I am a morning tea person but the thing about being home alone with just yourself as company is the flexibility it gives you. Two years ago, if anyone had said I would be spending my week days at home I would have laughed and said, “That would make me go crazy!” I like having a routine in my life. I loved getting up in the morning and going to work. And on weekend, I would normally make plans to go out and do something. I remember as a kid, my mom was worried that I loved spending so much time outside my home and she thought it was so unbecoming of a girl. Now that I am at home, I don’t despise it so much. I like this time. Being the routine-girl that I am, I have made a nice little routine for myself. I pray, I read , I keep in touch, I clean, I do yoga, I think, I blog, I snooze, I recharge, I think.

The other day, we met a couple of friends, and they remarked how cheerful I am considering the fact that I am home all day. Ha! I have no idea what that means , but if you depend on any one thing (job) to keep you cheerful, aren’t you totally dependent on that and would feel totally helpless if that is taken away? And that is when I realized the importance of being comfortable in whatever it is you do and being comfortable in your own company. That would make you happy in whatever you do (or don’t do) ! Isn’t that the perfect way to live? You being the one constant thing and other things that come your way as different phases or parts of life. I use this time that has been given to me (totally circumstantial) to improve, mold me. And the day I choose can work, I will use that opportunity to improve, mold me and fit that into my routine.

And for now, I am happy just being with me, comfortable in the silence on afternoons like these, listening to myself, being with myself till Husby comes home. Don’t they say you are your own best friend?


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