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Just Starting...

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So far in life I've done many things. I've done drugs, drank underage, partied, and rebelled. I've also been the same young adult who has taken the responsibility on as a full time babysitter to an infant and a toddler. All I can manage to regret is that I never saved my money like I should have or that I didn't do such and such thing. I sometimes love the way I live my life. I feel so free and alive, and yet at other times I feel so panicky because I don't know what will happen next. It can be quite scary and in my darkest times I tend to run.
Lately though I've taught myself a new way to cope. I write. It's hard trying to find the words or trying not to stray from my original topic, but still I continue. It has helped me through so much and I am hoping that people will read this and not pity me, but offer advice, maybe even learn a few things or expand their minds to new ideas.
Anyway, I guess that's all I have to write so far. Hopefully I have some people commenting with some good ideas on what I can give advice on?


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