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Kathleen Hanagan

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Since I was a young girl, I have known in my heart that the visible world was not the only reality. My first spiritual teacher, my maternal grandmother, validated this knowing. I have never ceased nurturing that seed.

In college in the ‘70’s, I found others who shared a similar knowing and the vision began to take shape. As marriage and motherhood consumed me, amnesia set in. I bought into a fairy tale that led to depression and eventual divorce. No guru, therapist or card-reader could give me the antidote to the restless spirit inside, and I began, while in a well of despair, to hear the voice of my own naked truth.

In 2004, I closed my successful psychotherapy practice, sold my house and headed for the high Andes. There I reconnected to what is possible and claimed my role as an inspirational visionary. I was no longer willing to deny who I was.

What is emerging for me now from my last huge metamorphosis is the burning desire to do a one-woman show. To get the message out to as many women as possible that we must dare the dark, surrender whom we thought we were and step into our magnificence. What became clear in the very, very empty days following my latest awakening is that my present work has been but a stepping-stone; that there is a far more fun, direct and effective way to accomplish my mission of weaving a global web of women helping women.

I believe it is the time for women to step into spiritual maturity, each shining her unique light into the world. As an open channel to the flow of love and money, my intention is to create a foundation to advance this purpose, helping to facilitate each woman’s growth into her full magnificence.

It takes courage to give up dissatisfaction, to relinquish doubt to create a New World. Coming from compassion, calling forth the courage in others is my greatest joy. Allowing that compassion to guide my life, I have stepped into the vision I’ve carried for so long. A one-woman show!!! I have secretly always wanted to do one. It is a long shot, but then again, what isn’t?

Dreamers are people who hold to a vision when everything seemingly points to its opposite. I see a world where powerful visionaries claim leadership roles everywhere, knowing there is enough of everything for everyone.

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