Keep Your Head Up, Gorgeous

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Keep your head up, gorgeous. People would kill to see you fall.

For about seven months now I have been suffering with bulimia. I found this site and read many stories of women fighting their own battles with eating disorders and all of the support they have been given. I decided to join so I could get better as well. I do not have a horrible case of it. Just about a couple of times a week I will force myself to throw up. Admittedly, it has become worse, but that is going to change now.

What happened to change my mind? Well, of course I don’t want to go through life like this so I told my friend. She had gone through it too so I thought she would be supportive and help, but people have a way of proving others wrong. I told her less than a week ago and she already told four other of our friends. One already knew and that was how I found out. She told me what was going on and I was shocked because I thought I could trust her.

The things that my friend told me they were saying made me cry when I first found out. They said they could never look at me the same again and the one I first told spoke horribly about me even though she had gone through it too. That was exactly what I didn’t want to happen. People judged me. My own friends judged me. It’s been hard and I know it is not going to get easier with everyone knowing and fights with my friends happening at the same time, but I am determined to fix my horrible mistake and wake up from this nightmare. I’m asking for your support during this time so I know that some will not judge. Although I fell, I fell in private and will now keep my head up and prove everyone who judged me wrong. I can get through this.


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