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Ever seen the movie Pay It Forward, or have any of anyone of you ever “passed it on,” like the commercial? No? Well I didn’t think so. When was the last time that you ever helped to guide a poor blind man, or hold a door open for a wheelchair-bound woman? Ever hold a lost child’s hand in a park or a shopping mall, and then watch the mother’s face when they see yours, as if it was you that did it? Then you have to explain yourself to security, and the only person that keeps you from jail is the child itself? And you have no children of your own, except a bunch of cats, a dog, and a female tarantula; yet you worry about them all the same, for they are your little beings that you gotta watch out for. 

Ever wonder about God, and why religion itself has failed, yet a clear meadow, seashore, a voice, or a hug restores your faith? Ever written a poem, or wonder why sharks are perfect like the elder musicians who keep our souls alive? Why does a cheap soul-food meal taste so damn good, when a suit-and-tie dinner costs too much without a stomach’s satisfaction? And why is it that chocolate and sex go hand in hand, without the guilt, but we are all taught that over-indulgence is a sin? Ever wonder why hard drugs are more of a problem here in America than anywhere else on this island Earth? Why do marriages fail so badly these days, and why do America’s youth seem destined to end up in jail, or worse … and why didn’t you hold the door open for the black man in the wheelchair, hold up the elderly white man’s ladder, or give up over a pound of Halloween candy to three little girls with perfect teeth, even though none of them yelled “Trick or Treat” on “Beggars Night,” let alone knocked on your door? If you have to wonder, then the few of us don’t need you. Kindness is the key, not a sermon, for it’s the way it’s supposed to be, God willing.


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