The Kindness of a Stranger

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Last night I went out to a birthday dinner with my boyfriend, my sister, and my sister’s husband. Things are tight right now financially but I still wanted to go out and celebrate. I’m not sure exactly why but I was under the assumption that my sister was going to foot the dinner bill.

I sat down at the dinner table and noticed a gift bag next to my sister. She purchased me a wonderful gift. I also realized this meant that likely my boyfriend and I would be paying for our own meals. I noticed the gentleman next to us was smiling at the playful insults the four of us were hurling at one another. After a delicious meal, the bill came. The gentleman next to us said, “I noticed it is your birthday. Mine was January 1. It would be my pleasure to pay for your bill.” I looked at him and then at the rest of the table in utter shock. What did this guy really want?

I asked him straight up, “Why do you want to pay for our bill?” He explained that he was from Aruba and on a whim decided to come to New York City alone. He saw that we were celebrating my birthday and felt like doing something kind for someone else. We invited him out with us for drinks but he declined and said, “Please I want nothing, just to do this for you guys.” This act of kindness has strengthened my belief that all of us are love.


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