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Larry’s Journey

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My brother, Larry, was a special, brave soul. Larry, one short year ago, found what he thought was a nasty sore on his foot. Sadly, it was melanoma cancer. Lar, as I affectionally always called him, fought the brave battle. He endured a six-hour surgery, which reconstructed his foot. He quietly went thru chemo, radiation, even experimental treatment. Through it all, Larry never complained. He was never angry. Instead, Lar stayed positive; caring about all those whom he came in contact with.

He loved his God and family. I realized, as Lar fought his ever vicious foe, there was not one group or organization to help those stricken with melanoma. You see, it isn’t on the most popular list of cancers. I then decided in Larry’s honor, then legacy, to begin Larry’s Steps. After, Lar’s surgery, he had worked so hard to walk again. I started a 750-mile walk, asking for donations. $2,000 was raised and given to Yale melanoma research. Still, more needed to be done.

I have recently become incorporated as Larry’s Steps Inc. Those other brave warriors also needed help with insurance copays, buying medications, and financial help with travel expenses to and from treatments. Larry never was afforded that chance. The melanoma strengthened, relentless, unforgiving, until it reached Larry’s spine. He worked so hard to walk again, only to become paralyzed. In my brother’s legacy, Larry’s Steps helps melanoma patients go on. With donations received, I will reach out to cancer centers, hospitals, and melanoma sufferers; to financially assist them. Larry’s fight gave me that opportunity. His story can be viewed on my web site: Larry’s Larry’s steps is now, a certified non profit incorporation. Before larry passed, I told him about his legacy. His response? “ I don’t want anything from it, I just want to be able to help others who have melanoma.” So you shall, my dearest friend and brother; so you shall.


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