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Law of Dreaming

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You have everything that you need to get started. Don’t give up or fall off the path at this point. There is too much at stake and you’re nearing the finish line. Be inspired and be hopeful about the future by living in joy in the present moment. Everything that you can dream you can bring into manifestation if it is in tune with divine will. Keep walking. 

Everything is possible if you first believe in it. You have got to give all of yourself and your attention and thought to what you want to bring about. Your dreams can become a reality if all you do is dream. There is only one way out and it is through the earth. Make use of this material plane to bring about your desires for the greatest good. The spirit is with you and will all who you touch. Remember to treat this life and everyday of it as sacred and holy. This is no accident for you to be at this stage of your development now. 

We are working hand-in-hand now. Breathe joy into every moment. You are almost where you desire to be. Practice living consciously in every moment and never forget where you came from and where you are returning. It is the only truth that will set you free.


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