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Lean On Me

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Date written: February 10, 2011

Whenever you are feeling down and out
And filled with fears and so much doubt

‘Tis then, you must learn to Learn On Me
For I am love, I walked this earth ‘til I was thirty-three
then gave my all for love of thee

I came, I gave, I healed the sick, I raised the
dead, I cast out demons in God’s name
You never knew me, I heard you say; but the
grief you and I feel for love rejected is
the one and same

You are hurt by mistakes you made, and still
you think that you are not saved
But, I your Savior now offer you Salvation and
Freedom from the darkest grave

So, please dear child, learn to Lean On Me.

I am humbled by the pain you feel knowing
that I was crucified for sins of yours
And the tears you shed for love of me despising
the shame that I had to endure because
You were not pure inside or free from sin.

But, I would gladly come again and go back
to be crucified just to have you by my side
Hold your head up toward the skies, my work
was done so you could be justified.

Just give me your burdens and wipe away your 
I have loved you throughout these many long

Now, it’s time that you should put away your
fears. And when times get tough, say a 
prayer and then, just:

Lean On Me

From your Savior: Jesus Christ



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