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Leap, and the Net Will Appear!

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Why do we all hold so strongly to things that may not really be working for us? Whether it be a lifestyle choice, a dietary choice, a relationship choice, a career choice, a lack of choice choice … Now, if you’ll notice, I (ever so subtly) made the choice to use the word “choice” in every example. Why? Because that’s what our actions (or lack thereof) are. Choices. It’s aaall about choices, baby!

You can make the choice to stay the same, or you can make the choice to change. To be still, or to keep moving. To laugh, or to cry. To experience, or to suffer. You can make the choice to create the life you really want for yourself!

So what’s stopping you? Ooooooh, I know what it is…you don’t believe me. Well … that, too, is a choice for you to make. By choosing to not believe me, you give yourself the ever-so-easy excuse to stay in whatever circumstance you currently find yourself in. A circumstance that you might not be all that thrilled about. The flip side? You could choose to believe me, choose to have some faith, choose to take some action, and then choose to witness your life evolve in some truly amazing ways.

Not only will such evolutionary occurrences be amazing, but the best ones will be unexpected. Unexpected in the sense of whatever path you’re laying out for yourself now, the results you can reap will far surpass it. You can’t possibly comprehend just how amazing your life can get because you’re not that audacious; you don’t feel like it’s possible, or like you deserve it, or whatever other excuses you concoct to work against yourself. (Self-sabotage, anybody?)

Analogy time!

A few months ago, I flew on the trapeze! Everyone else in the class had done it at least once before, but for me, it was a brand-new adventure. It was very difficult for me in certain aspects, but I chose to push through those potential barricades because I knew it would be well worth it in the end. I was also able to draw many parallels between this experience and life in general. Allow me to focus on just one for today, if you please. Oh, and I’m also very visual, so I shall use images to assist me. (Yippee!)

So, here was me. Swinging on this beast, having a blast, stretching past previously established boundaries for myself … but remaining on a very solid path of back and forth, with no variation, risk, or peak of excitement. By now, this motion has become much more comfortable for me, and I like comfortable. Comfortable is safe. Comfortable is comfortable.

Then, I received the coachings of other people who had been swinging on the trapeze for who knows how long. They pushed me to work through my own hesitations, and to go further because they had already walked (or rather flown) the path; they knew it could be done and that the results could be highly enjoyable. They told me when I should swing, when I should pause, when I should let go.

If I hadn’t let go of that bar, I never would have been able to do this! I wouldn’t have been able to flip, which was absolutely an amazing sensation! Holding the bar felt comfortable, but this, this felt exhilarating. This moment reminded me that I was really and truly alive, and connected to this moment—right here, right now was all that mattered. I was present and alive. Amazing.

The outcome of letting go? Landing in a net that was there to catch me, and to support me for having had the faith and courage to take the leap in the first place.

So, what was the result of my letting go? Did I fall? Yes. Did I get hurt? A little. Would I do it again? Absolutely. (Maybe that’s why I purchased a card to go back for more classes on that wonderful swinging bar.) Oh, and did I mention that once I broke through the wall and did a flip off the bar the first time, then I couldn’t get enough of it?! Hmmm … interesting …

Bottom line: It’s all about choices. I hope you choose to actively make choices, to take chances, to embark on new adventures, to venture off course, to let go of that plan that you’ve concocted for yourself that leaves no room for the random awesomeness that the world wants to give to you. I hope you choose to be alive and present.

Let go!

Leap, and the net will appear.


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