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Leaving the Present Moment

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I set my intention for the day, "Today I will do my best to live in the present moment." I notice the color of my bed spread, the texture of my wedding ring, and the sound of the bird chirping outside of my window. I take a deep breath in and then exhale slowly. This is how I breathe in yoga, I say to myself. Yoga, I haven't gone to yoga in a few weeks. It's frustrating that I am not back from work in time to do yoga. The commute back from work to home is such a b*tch. The traffic is digusting. Maybe I will find a different route home tomorrow. Damn, tomorrow is Monday and the weekend is almost over. I can't forget to bring my laptop to work tomorrow. I will write that on my to do list. In the matter of ten seconds I've managed to leave the present moment and dive into a spiral of mind cacophony that serves absolutely no purpose. When I'm thinking about my worries, complaints, and the future, it's like I've blacked out to the rest of the world. Eventually, I come back to reality and I try and recall what it was that I had been doing before I got lost in thought. I'm so tired of my mind hijacking the present moment. I know that not being fully conscious is the root of a lot of my anxiety because when I do pay attention to the present moment my worries recede from the shore of my mind. But once I leave the present moment, my worries seep back in and I become uncomfortable. Anyone else experiencing this frustration as well? Feedback welcome.


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