Lent 2011: What to Give Up

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We’ve all experienced the same temptations that Jesus himself experienced during his forty days and forty nights in the desert. The truth of our destiny is available to all of us at all times. If we so happen to be in alignment with reading the information correctly, we are given answers to any question that we may have. As humans, however, it is up to us to believe in the messages that are given to us, trusting that they are coming from a source that loves us unconditionally, and is always in support of our highest state of being. I believe that some of the temptations that Jesus faced are temptations that we all face. Uncertainty, doubt, hesitation, and even loss of faith. Only by ascending past these temptations of the mind and ego, can we ever find true enlightenment.

Time in the desert … Time for contemplation

Sometimes the battle of the mind and ego is enough to drive us all crazy, and times that call for enlightenment also carry the need to drop all conditioning and untruths embedded in us by our surroundings. It is part of each of our destinies to find out in our own heart what is true for us so that we can live our true values into being. In other words, we cannot rely solely on the morals of the outside world about what is “right” and “wrong” only we can decide that for ourselves. But how can we even attempt to listen to the soft whisperings of our heart with so much mental and literal noise in our environments?

Contemplation is a time of quiet, away from our everyday surroundings and routines where we can sincerely attempt to hear the voice of our guidance, and of our own truth. Because we have been so deeply conditioned, sometimes contemplation does result in what feels like an inner battle. Will we like what we see when we ask to be shown the truth? How will we react? Is there such thing as “God’s will”? Where does free will step in? So many questions that could possibly arise during contemplation can cause even more dizziness, but it’s important that we remain sincere to reach the purity of our hearts, and peace within ourselves. It is during contemplation that we most realize our own importance in the greater scheme of things, and how important our role is in the entire evolution of humanity.

Lent, to me, symbolizes a time of great influence. Many people who understand the true meaning of the Christ message are going inward and learning their own soul and destiny. They are going within through meditation to ask of and find their own true nature. The support that is available to you now is immense. The fact that so many are going through the experience of lent at the same time provides mass support of empathy and understanding. You are never alone in your journey, especially now.

If you are wondering what to give up for lent, take the Christ lesson first hand. Go within yourself the way he did, ask questions about your soul, your destiny, your morals, and your truth. When the image of the real you is revealed, have the courage to give up the temptations that hold you back from living your true nature. Let go of insecurity and welcome courage, let go of the fear of the unknown and welcome unpredictability, let go of feeling overwhelmed, and welcome feelings of nourishment and support, but most of all let go of all the reasons why you cannot and do not live as the person you really want to be. And at least for the next forty days and forty nights, have the determination and unwavering focus to shine your light and your love as brightly as you possibly can, so you too can be resurrected into your full enlightened self.

The time of resurrection is sweet, and I wish all of you the delight of sharing your true self with all of humanity, for when you smile, the entirety of existence smiles with you.





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