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Let Me Think!

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Good company and many drinks to go around. It’s not too often that I drink and to be honest I don’t even like to. But last night was quite the eventful night. Crazy Toni and I dancing in my kitchen to John Mellancamp with studly Ken walking in to make my night. Counting down the days until I can no longer drink Vodka. Back in the day my first liquor of choice was Baccardi Gold. Now, the smell alone will make me quiver and gag. I just can’t drink the stuff anymore. Part of this entry seems to be missing? Not sure what happened here?

So what is this blog about, who am I establishing myself as? With Gods greatest gift I am a new Mother, we all know this. I am now a single mom with many long and enduring roads to travel. I am so young but I feel so old inside. I still have a lot of growing up to do just like any other twenty-two year old but hear my cries when I say I’ve had enough. This girl is doing what’s right—not what’s wrong and no man will ever make her do otherwise again. Hear my rants and hear my raves because I will not shut up! Listen to my non-stop thoughts. My insanity—it’s intelligence. My daily living is now an open book.

 I labeled this blog about a year ago. My rants and raves never came but this is how I felt my life would be as a blog so this is why I chose this label. The words were there but my gut wasn’t. Had I written about what was really going on in my life—you may have just heard insanity. I believe there may have been hints but why rat out the man you love, Or think you love? So I just didn’t blog. I sacrificed something I loved to hide my own life? I rarely blogged online and wrote personal diaries instead. You just can’t shut me up and I’m damn good at hiding my journals. Whether I was blogging or not I was always expressing myself in some manor. Even my Artwork can tell you a story if you just pay a little attention.


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