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A Letter to My Love

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Good morning, Love. I see the sunshine coming through the window. I feel you next to me under the sheets. I even hear your breath…. But I still do not see you, do not know you, I just have not met you yet but I know I will soon! If you could just know how much I want to hold you right now and start the day with you. I am gonna make you breakfast in the bed, something you really love, I am gonna play the most beautiful song on the piano while you are dressing your white pullover, I am gonna look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you with no words—it will be written on my smile, on the way I look with you: Happy, Gorgeous and The One. And then the day will start with unstoppable thoughts about you, about us … A nice day.

Good night, Love. I know you are somewhere out there. I know you are looking for me too. I know we’ll meet soon. Maybe tomorrow … And then a new world will appear in the Universe—our world, Love … full of real joy and laugh, magical beauty, divine pureness and innocence, realized dreams, breath-taking romantic moments and minutes full of our unbeatable love! Please, forgive me I have not find you yet. I will never give up and will keep looking. I am not afraid I am getting older, I know there is no right time to meet you and I also know that once we meet I’ll start count my years backwards because you’ll make me feel younger every single day! I invite you to my dreams tonight—give me a clue on how you look like, what’s the taste of your lips, let me see the beauty of your eyes—be it for a glance! I’m closing my eyes now … what a perfect dream that will be!

P.S. I adore you, Love! Maybe tomorrow …


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