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Letting Abundance & Miracles Flow Into Your Life

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You’ve experienced it before, haven’t you?

That sense of feeling “in the flow”…where everything falls effortlessly into place.Where those deeply sought solutions to problems magically appear or new opportunities emerge as if out of nowhere.Where you are being systematically led forward toward a goal or supported in making a desired change.

It’s almost as if an invisible hand is operating behind the scenes of your life, coordinating meaningful coincidences, connections or conversations to make things happen—and all for your benefit.

During such times, you can’t help but notice how these experiences point to a seemingly harmonious way of life—and one that may stand in stark contrast to those all-too-regular experiences of struggle or frustration.Without a doubt, “living in the flow” is fun and often miracle-filled.

Yet what many people don’t realize is this harmonious way of life can be the norm rather than the exception.
That the peace, happiness, health, prosperity or miracles encountered while “in the flow” can be a daily experience. In fact, these “blessings” are simply the natural consequences when life is approached with a greater understanding of its inherent spiritual principles.

But what about those times when you feel so very, far away from any kind of flow whatsoever?When no matter what you do, you feel stuck in a specific situation.

As time passes, your frustration mounts, despair sneaks in and you may conclude change is impossible or your situation, hopeless.

You don't realize these so-called “negative” experiences are how the Universe reveals your blocks to receiving greater abundance and miracles, including those that stop you from living in the flow.Oftentimes, the only way you discover these blocks is to have them “mirrored” back to you via those specific life challenges that linger on far longer than desired.

Until now, you didn't understand the bigger purpose of these “mirror experiences” was to nudge you into an expanded, more symbolic view of your life challenges…so that you can ultimately transform them and step back into the flow.

To do so, however, you must first identify your “mirror message" or the limiting thought or belief that created the experience in the first place.For example, the chronic back pain that never goes away–and which mirrors how you feel unsupported emotionally or financially with moving forward into the life you want to live.

Or the job (or jobs) where you never feel appreciated and fulfilled.In this instance, the mirror message reflects your belief that only external sources of love or approval matter. As such, you continue to discount or hide your unique gifts, abilities or creativity.With your sense of worth based on what you do rather than who you really are or who you want to be, you remain unappreciated and unfulfilled in each subsequent job.

This is why, in order to let abundance and miracles flow into your life, you need to realize that whenever you feel stuck or encounter a “negative” situation, each experience has a “mirror message” for you.The only purpose of such experiences is to reflect the limiting beliefs or thoughts you hold about yourself or about life.These are your blocks to moving forward and to stepping back into the flow so you can live an amazing life.

At the same time, you need to remember these challenging situations or blocks do not reflect the truth of who you are or what you can be, do, heal or experience.

Yet the gift you receive when you finally get your mirror message is that you transform your challenges. Your “mirrors” become “windows” and you see yourself and your life more clearly.

Struggle fades away. Youstep back into the flow.And you recognize that the Universe is—and always was—on your side. That It wants you to live a peaceful, happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Moreover, It will do everything to bring more abundance and miracle-filled experiences into your life even if that first means helping you clear the blocks to receiving them.


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