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Letting Go in 2004

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For those of you who have been on my email list for a while know that a reflective moment from me was bound to happen sooner or later. For all those new additions to my address book let me say this:

Thank you for stopping by my world. Why don’t ya have a seat and stay awhile. If nothing else, you are bound to smile. You are bound to have fun.

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know how much I enjoy being in your life as the new year approaches. Whether I’ve known you ten years, ten days, or ten minutes makes no bit of difference to me. You have all made a sizeable impact on my life in the amount of time I have known, and loved, all of you. 

“Letting Go in 2004” is my mantra and one I hope I can help spread. Letting go of past grievances, past pain, past failures, past difficulties, past thoughts that invariably dictated future actions. Letting go also means that petty annoyances in my world will become just that—petty. Major dramas in my life will be seen as that—drama’s.   

Day-to-day living is a tough one. Day-to-day positive thoughts and actions are sometimes pushed aside to make room for bad moods, mean spirits, negative thoughts. But keep in mind during one of those moments, or days, when you feel like you have no breath left. Keep in mind that there is one constant in your life that you can always count on. One constant you will always have to fall back on, no matter the time and distance between us. That constant is, and will always be, my love for you. 

You don’t know the impact you’ve had on my life in one way or another. Maybe it was a certain look or a much-needed smile. Maybe it was your loud, boisterous laugh; or a quiet, thoughtful act. Maybe we sat in silence; or screamed in anger. Whatever your friendship afforded me during these years has been etched in my memory and brought forward when I need it when I am faced with a difficult, breathless moment in my little world. 

The constant in my life is the impact you’ve had on me. It is what I reach for when I need to put one foot in front of the other. It is what I reach for when I need to gather the strength to let go; the courage to march on (and to still do so to the beat of my own drum)! 

For what you’ve done in my life you may never quite know, may never fully understand. It was just you doing what you do best. Being you! Giving yourself! And that, my friend, is the greatest impact, the greatest gift, you’ve given me.

I will see you all, in one aspect or another, this coming New Year. 

Until then … know the constant.



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