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Life’s Roads Brand Our Human Condition

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Everyone takes their own journey in life; yet we all experience similar emotions and struggles which make us all fellow travellers in life. Our own human condition ( defines the choices that are made and experiences we encounter. Along our journey we will be confronted with many situations, some will be filled with joy, while some will be filled with struggles or adversity that need to be overcome. How we react to these situations determines the outcome the rest of our journey through life will take.

Throughout life’s adventure, people will give you advice on making the ‘right choice’ or how to live your life. But when it comes down to a personal decision, individuals will inevitably be guided by their own human condition afflicted moral compass and do what they ‘feel is right’. Interestingly all of one’s accumulated human condition will inform this ‘feeling’.

The poem by Robert Frost titled ‘The Road Not Taken’ perfectly exemplifies how I visualize life’s journey. Frost uses a metaphor of a road to represent life and the journey that travelers take. At some point in everyone’s life, we come to a fork and we must choose the path we wish to take. Frost describes one road as being ‘well worn’ and the other as ‘overgrown’.

For Frost, the fork represents a great dilemma or cross road in his life; each road clearly has advantages and disadvantages. Along each different road, the obstacles, hardships and benefits that we encounter will determine whom we become. Frost alludes to the fact that the ‘overgrown’ track may present some of the greatest obstacles and hardships over time but also lead to more undiscovered mysteries and wonders. The poet also warns the reader that once a path is chosen the other road disappears from view and that our decision will always leave us wondering about ‘the road not taken’.

Our literal journey through life will be a journey of self-discovery; the destination overtly manifested through our ego. If we are self-aware, determined and fortunate, our life will be full and rich with meaning. The road we choose can take us anywhere. It can take us to surprising, extraordinary and fulfilling destinations or lead us to a destination abundant with disappointment, distress and regret.

We see evidence of this everywhere in the people that we meet along life’s journey. Some people just seem to lead rich and fulfilled lives full of meaning, inspiration and love. These people can enrich and positively influence our own journey. Whilst other people we encounter seem to lead destructive and impoverished lives full of sadness, anger and hatred. (This issue is discussed in more depth here). These people can disturb and negatively impact on our own journey. Ultimately our life journey and the roads we travel will define our existence and our own particular brand of human condition.


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