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Life is a mystical storybook of blended memories drifting through paths of twisting and turning metallic bends as it reveals the shadows of hues and images that project into the majestic glimpses of life.

The dramatic mystery of life is the heartbeat that breathes through the soul and develops dreams of reality that create our destiny of wishes to touch all of the value and cherished ways of life.

The beading of ribbon threads as it entwines the textured material of life that causes the binding tapestry to cover us with the energized warmth of survival.

Life is a journey to an end of unforgettable passages as we drift along paths of depths and hollow realism and reach out for the unknown, which will affect our destiny to challenges. 

The way of life is the adventure to conquer our spirit to meditate our souls to the quiet of our hearts so that the established memories can guide us through the unknown travels as we endure the waves crashing through the rivers of time.

Listen to the melodic rhythm of the sounds of the heart as it pounds to the chimes of serenity with the softness of wonder as it clings to duets of harmony as it breathes into survival.

The meaning of life is to feel all the mindful emotions of forgiveness and to forget the unhappy and long for the reason of now that creates natural beauty of living a life with observing the spirit of your heart.

Life is touching  the tenderness of a circle of love that encompasses compassion with dimensions of dynamics that ignite the soul of knowing without regret how we lived our heartbeat.


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