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Life Coaching

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Trying to make life-changing decisions by oneself can be difficult when there are so many distractions in the normal day-to-day life. Life Coaching is not about telling you what choices you should make; it is about helping you decide what you really want and what you are searching for in life in order to reach your goals.

I like to start of buy asking my client what they would like to talk about today. This way they are given an option to talk about any topic they want and move forward on setting small goals.

Being a life coach is a reward in itself. It is not an easy job by far. You have to build a rapport with your client and learn what it is she or he is searching for in their life.

I have clients who had no clue what they wanted and still today are lost on what choices to make. This is where the fun begins. As a life coach, we need to know whom we can or cannot help; we may have to refer them to someone else if one has mental disabilities.


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