Life with an Eating Disorder

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I always wondered how it was to be anorexic and I sort of wanted to be. I would read all I could about it. I would even try to become it. After reading that you can chew and then spit the food out. Sort of like eating and enjoying food and not gaining weight. So I started to do that. I remember when I was only in sixth grade I would chew the food at lunch and pretend I swallowed it but I know sounds gross but I would keep it in my mouth until I got the chance to go to the bathroom and spit it out. I started to exercise every second of the day.

Soon my whole life began to be about loosing weight. I was told by everyone how skinny I was getting and to gain weight but I took that as a compliment and wanted to keep it up. I also wondered how it was to throw up the food. I knew your supposed to eat so much food so then your body will make you throw it up but I was scared I would eat all that but my body wouldn’t throw it up and I would gain weight. I got the courage one day and surprisingly enough I got addicted and threw up at least two times a day. I tried to hide so my family wouldn’t see how skinny I was but they saw. They would yell at me so much so I gained like five pounds on purpose now I weighed about seventy pounds and I was in the seventh. My family was happy that I at least did that. Sadly, today I am twenty-four and I weigh ninety-five point five pounds.


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