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Life-Savers: Word on the Web

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Why does it seem so hard to get into habits that are healthy or productive? We found these interesting articles below that describe simple ways to save your heath, money, relationships, and ultimately your life. 

If you wake up dreading your long, unbearable commute, it’s time you found ways to tolerate and maybe even enjoy it. Save your sanity by employing these traffic-friendly tricks. (Lemondrop) 

Improving your health on a daily basis can feel like a grind. But read these nine easy and healthy habits that will help you live longer. (Huffington Post) 

Cutting down on caffeine and quitting smoking are just two of many ways to sleep longer and better. (That’s Fit) 

Feeling hopeless while coping with chronic pain? Find out which over-the-counter pain relievers to use and more advice from doctors. (BettyConfidential) 

Don’t be a tree hater. Learn to print less frequently or save money on ink by making a switch like this mommy blogger recently did. (From Dates to Diapers) 

Our to-do lists seem to grow longer as the days get shorter. Save time by honing your time management skills. (DumbLittleMan) 

Just got home with your newborn baby? Take these steps to safeguard your well-being. (Parents)

Can couples therapy save your relationship? Here’s an honest look at one woman’s experience seeing a counselor. (YourTango) 

And last but not least, there’s sexual health. It might be awkward to talk about, but we all need to know how to fend off STDs. (TheFrisky)


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