In Light

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First, believe in the world—that there is meaning behind everything.

Blows are what awaken us and help to break the dream. They show us the insufficiency of this world and make us long to escape, to have freedom.

In light, I love pondering on life, and observing it as the world turns around. I see the people around me happy, sad, joyous, sorrowful, whilst this stream of emotions has brought me to the river of renunciation.

Have you ever had the feeling of having complete freedom whilst looking at the clear blue infinite skies? Have you ever felt the moment of utter freedom, embracing everything in the universe as it is? The infinite deep blue sea, skies, and a longing for an escape … of absolute freedom! If you have, you have felt the Supreme Power!

At some points of our life, we have all felt the feeling of being truly alone, when neither friend, nor family can reach out to the innermost recesses of our heart and understand the surging depths of anguish. During this periods, when the mind suffers, and the torment unbearable, we turn to a higher power, seeking solace and freedom from worldly sufferings and we search for a certain completeness. A perfect everlasting happiness, love, and peace.

Money, fame, and enjoyments give us temporary happiness. The body has to return to dust sooner or later. The cycle of life goes on. The world never stops. Most of us spend our time in seeking out materialistic objects (clothes, cars, handphones) to make ourselves happy, which in turn gives us temporary happiness. When we understand that everything in this universe is subject to temporary happiness, the dawn and splendor of the sun awakens us to a higher purpose. Thus begins the search for true happiness.

“Once when I was in Varanasi, I was passing through a place where there was large tank of water on one side and a high wall on the other. It was in the grounds where there were many monkeys. The monkeys of Varanasi are huge brutes and are sometimes surly. They now took into their heads not to allow me to pass through their street, so they howled and shrieked and clutched at my feet as I passed. As they pressed closer, I began to run, but the faster I ran, the faster came the monkeys and they began to bite at me. It seemed impossible to escape, but just then I met a stranger who called out to me, ‘Face the brutes’. I turned and faced the monkeys, and they fell back and finally fled. That is the lesson for all life — face the terrible, face it boldly.”
- Vivekananda

In light, I believe that all men are good, that life is truly beautiful, that heaven is where you make it to be, and one day, perhaps, I’d like to dissolve in the Supreme Truth. In Light.


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