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Listening to the Night

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The feel of fall spreads its shroud,

enveloping the dark moist air,

as insects vibrantly sing their ritual nocturne song.

Cattle wail in a distant pasture,

voicing their wishes for peaceful slumber and sweet filled dreams.

Old dog Ranger is laying on the ground beside me,

yawning a quieted yelp as he drifts off to his lone, soulful sojourn.

The wide country sky is crisp and clear

as it parades effervescent stars light years away.

Faint silhouettes of tall pines sway and dance

in the north wind’s early December frosty excursion.

Yuletime decorations and multi-colored lights

grace the wynding path of Honea Egypt road.

Seasonal music floats through the senses, exciting young & old.

‘Tis the time for tasty chocolate treats,

And syn-snow covered, garland laced trees,

as I sit rocking on the porch,

smoking a pipe full of cherry cavendish leaf,

watching, intently, the aliveness surrounding me

while listening to the night.


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