Live Big Today

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When I first said this new name for my company, my boyfriend laughed a little. Live Big—this could have so many meanings, and I meant it too.

Our society tells us that bigger women are not as attractive as small women. Our society tells us that bigger men are more attractive than smaller men. Our society also tells us that big things come in small packages, and bigger isn’t always better. I don’t know about you, but I am confused and exhausted trying to please society! So I am throwing in the towel trying to please anyone but me and I invite you to do the same.

In order to live big today you need to follow three stages of development:

1. Live in your core: Who are you? I mean really deep down inside, who are you? Do you even know? I didn’t! My coach asked me what made me happy that isn’t influenced by other people (as I listed happiness as being my life goal) and I didn’t have any answers! Take some deep breaths and ask yourself, “How do I want to feel when I go to bed?” Then breathe all day everyday living those emotions right now.

2. Live Consciously: If you do not live with awareness and presence it is no wonder you reach for fast food, soda and any other crap out there. When you live in the moment you hear your body asking for the healthy food. Breathe and take the time to listen to what your body really wants. Do you think any person that has had a heart attack’s body asked for the food or lack of movement that caused it? Or how about the stress this person put on their body, do you think their body said, “Hey, get me some stress, I neeeed it!” I think not.

3. Live Bigger: In every aspect of your life, you can live bigger. When you play it small (or safe), you will live small. Taking risks and getting uncomfortable will allow you to grow and growing will help you live the most fulfilling, fabulous life. What hobbies, exercises, or events are you staying away from out of fear? You owe it to yourself to live your most amazing life. (You’ve only got one!)

These three stages take time, so don’t rush them! The good news is this is all a journey. There is no end point. You can continue to grow and become better every single day, and feel amazing doing it. If you feel frustrated, sad, mad, bored, lonely … you can change all of these emotions right now! Breathe more, laugh more, smile more, and live more.


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