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Living Again

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Everyone at some point in their life has to pick up and start over. If you haven’t, that’s a pretty great story in itself. Divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job or job transfer, flood, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes … you name it. Within minutes, your life will not be the same. That mourning, denial, and acceptance phases of a traumatic experience are supposed to make you stronger and add to your character, say the head doctors anyway. I say you get a little wiser a little bit too late.

Now I know what it’s like to be in a wheelchair, paralyzed on my left side from a brain hemorrhage. Didn’t know that before. Now I know what its like to be disabled; didn’t know that before either. I’m learning a lot and gaining wisdom I never thought I’d need in this life. I know there is an existence beyond this life because I went there briefly. Let everyone know I’m no saint, but I try to live a good life. I wonder why I got to go over and I suppose someone wanted me to know what’s there. A wisdom few have known.

I’ll pass that wisdom on to you. If you think your life is boring or mundane, without purpose, or not what you want—get up, go out, and grab that ride to a place you’ve never been. Could be the last thing you do in this life. Take that trip to the ocean, or the cruise you wanted to go on. This life won’t wait. If you don’t live in the moment, you’re not living in this life. Your next life may not be like this one. Start living again, even if it’s the small things in life. Don’t live to die, just live to experience and learn those pleasures of this life. Better get some if you don’t have a few pleasures. Feel the love the universe offers us through experience, sight, and sound.

If you’re living a restricted life like me, you will find pleasures come in small, insignificant things. A call from the kids, a trip to the store, a favorite song on the radio, the smell of star gazer lilies and strawberries, and getting out of bed. What was in my life will probably never be again, so I have this life to live now. And what a shocker it can be. So if you’re going through changes like me, you’re gaining wisdom and experience. Be wise enough to know what to do with this new found existence ...


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