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Living an Authentic, Joyous Life

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Outside my friend’s apartment window in Honolulu, there is a rainbow. Hawaii is known for its rainbows, so much so that to mention the unbelievable beauty of the purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red arch is almost trite. Any yet the rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon, a spectrum of light appearing in the sky when the sun strikes moisture in the earth’s atmosphere. Rainbows occur when there is sun and rain, fire and water. Rainbows reflect the complexity of the earth’s elements, the diversity of human experience, the light and dark that surface in each of our lives.

The greatest joy, it is said, comes from being connected to one’s life purpose, to living an authentic life. This does not mean that life is without it storms, its black clouds and torrents of rain. It does mean that with rain and sun, there are rainbows, spectrums of light so spectacular that it is impossible to witness them without gratitude and joy. 

Rainbows are a symbol of authenticity, of our connection to our truest selves. When we are coming from that place in us that is most resonant, our decisions are clear, our purpose is true. We are grounded and yet able to cross the expanse of a sky streaked with storm clouds and sunlight.

Connecting with your life purpose is a process of listening to yourself. What are the things that bring you the greatest joy? Who are you being in those moments? What is the life you want to create for yourself and those you love? What are you willing to do to create this life? What will sustain you in this process?


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